Jess Lohmann: Speaker for the Animals & Eco Fantasy Author Jess Lohmann: Speaker for the Animals & Eco Fantasy Author

A world full of mystical beauty
is a world worth saving.

It's time for us to awaken to a higher consciousness.
Dive into the world of Lily Bowers, an eco fantasy

Nature inspires. Nature heals. Nature needs our help.

Mother Nature is calling upon us to tune in to nature and respect all she takes care of.

Are you listening?

She’s pleading for us to work together to create a harmonious world full of healthy choices and opportunities for all animals, humans included.

A world with no more child labor, sweatshops, animal abuse and testing, harmful pesticides, GMOs and chemicals on the foods, clothes, cosmetics, meds and other products we consume.

And a world without poverty and war.

Do I believe in fairy dust? Absolutely!

But I also believe in the power of people and the changes we’re able to create together!

And I had to write about it.

Meet Lily Bowers!


Welcome to Lily’s World

Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest is the first book of a must-read middle grade series that shows kids they really do have the power and influence to make a difference and change the world.

And save animals.

Lily’s a young girl who discovers she has an incredible gift, but that gift comes with the challenge of trying to save someone she deeply cares for.

Coupled with the challenges of starting a new school and dealing with a bully, Lily finds strength and courage with not just a little, but a lot of help from her friends; 2 legged, 4 legged, 6 legged or more.

Listen to Lily’s important message.

Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest

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Finding Peace, Hope and Joy During a Crisis

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Eco Poem | Weeping Willowed Souls

Eco poem to inspire us humans to respect Mother Nature and all she takes care of.

Animal Heroes 2019

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How to plan for an eco-friendly holiday season

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Please Stop the Mass Extinction of Species

Did you hear about the mass extinction of almost 700 koalas in Australia? Even though we have the knowledge and resources to save species and our environment.

Our planet is on fire! Are we all doomed or can we save ourselves?

Today is World Environment Day! We have the power and knowledge to create the world we want to live in. One of healthy choices and opportunities for all animals, humans included. One with no more child labor, sweatshops, animal abuse and testing, pesticides, GMOs and harmful chemicals on the foods, clothes, meds and products we consume. And a world without poverty and war.

How to Speak FOR the Animals

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International #FridaysForFuture Demo: The Day the Students Spoke

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Respectful Communication Makes the World Go Round

Being the emotional empath that I am, I can get into heavy conversations because it breaks my heart when harm is done to innocent animals, human included. Find out in this post what I’m doing about it.


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi


Meet Me and My Team

… inspired by nature …

Jess Lohmann: Author | Speaker for the Animals | Voice Talent | Marketing Strategist
Jess: Writer & Speaker for the Animals
Mia: Keyboard Crusher & Monitor Shield
Nala: Fitness Trainer & Garbage Disposal
Lily Bowers and Alo howling

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