Jess Lohmann: Author | Speaker for the Animals | Voice Talent | Marketing Strategist Jess Lohmann: Author | Speaker for the Animals | Voice Talent | Marketing Strategist


Author | Speaker For the Animals | Voice Talent | Marketing Strategist


Hi, my name is Jess.

I enjoy traveling to foreign lands, spending time with my family, eating food from my garden and being one with nature in the forest with my labrador.

I’m a marketing strategist by trade and am currently teaching other marketers and business owners about Ethical Marketing practices. I also use my voice to carry out your message.

Oh, and I’m also writing a book.

I believe life is too short, so we should be doing what we love. And I love writing.

What sparked my desire to become an author? Really, it’s a 3 fold answer.



They raised me to respect nature and animals.

After they passed, I realized I wanted to make more of an impact and inspire others to respect mother nature.



My mom died on the same day I arrived in South Africa to begin THE most transformative trip of my life.

She didn’t want a funeral, and so I stayed in South Africa and allowed the beauty and magic of the country to help me heal.

On the plane back home, I wrote a blog post about being in Africa while grieving and published it in The Huff Post.



Then I read a book about creativity – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – and felt inspired to write about my grief in Africa.

After several months of sitting with this idea, I felt even more connected with nature and realized I wanted to write something different.

My dad died shortly thereafter, and around the same time, I figured out my life’s purpose:

Inspiring Children to Respect Nature and Animals Through Storytelling.


Which lead me to …

… where I am today – Writing a fantasy middle-grade book series.

My first book is due to come out in Spring of 2019 and I’d like you to get to know the main character a little better. Her name is Lily Bowers.

But first, let’s get to know my own daughter.

My daughter, Leandra, is a very observant child. And intuitive.

I’m creating Lily Bowers in her image.

As a baby, Leandra enjoyed just watching her surroundings and has always easily felt the emotions of others. In the business world, being sensitive as a human characteristic is often seen as a deficit – but in the grand scheme of things, it’s what makes us caring, loving and human.

We need more sensitivity and observation in this world. More caring, mindfulness, and love.

We need more Lily Bowers.

Leandra on our Mother's Day getaway weekend in Marburg in 2018
Lily Bowers and ...

Having Faith in Humanity

I believe that if we respect Mother Nature and all she takes care of, we would have world peace.

Because as soon as we show compassion for all living beings is when we are grounded and are one with nature.

And when we’re one with nature, we’re at peace with ourselves.

And when we’re at peace with ourselves, we’re at peace with everyone.

Do I believe in fairy dust? ABSOLUTELY!

But, I also believe in the power of people and the changes we can create together!


Excerpt from Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest


Sprinting, Lily could barely get breath to her lungs. Her heart clenched tighter each time she tried.

She knew her life was in danger, but her legs couldn’t carry her any faster.

Uncontrollably swinging her arms to gain more speed, she dared not to look back to see if he was still chasing her.

He was though.

In fact, he was quickly gaining on her. Not only was he enormous, he was also agile.

Swerving around the tree trunks like a dragonfly speeds over water, there was no way she could outrun him. But she was almost home. She could make it! She prayed to make it!

Even though she knew this part of the woods better than her own basement in her house, she didn’t recognize anything. And that frightened her even more.

Where’s the spruce tree? Or the river? Or the sweet smelling maple?

All the things she had cherished in her forest were gone. It still looked like a forest, but not her forest. It felt like a forest in a different world, with different inhabitants. Scary, and big inhabitants.

Lily whimpered as he came closer and closer. She was now able to hear his panting.

The sweat ran down her forehead and met with her tears of utter fear.

Jumping as high as she could over the trunk of a spruce tree that was lying across the path caused her to fall hard on the ground below.

“Owwwwww!” Lily had twisted her ankle.

There was nothing to save her now. He had already caught up with her.

Through the slits of her halfway closed eyes, she watched saliva drip from his mouth onto her chin. She dared not move to wipe it away.

He hovered over her and opened his mouth wide to show his strong, pointy teeth. His low growl interrupted the loud pounding of Lily’s heavily beating heart.

Lily tried to move, but squiggling did no good. This enormous beast weighed at least double what she did and she knew that any movement would cause a reaction that she probably didn’t want to experience.

She was trapped, or rather, paralyzed.

He beared his teeth again, growled like a rabid dog and leaned back to get ready to lunge at her.

Lily’s entire body jerked. ...