Jess Lohmann: Author | Speaker for the Animals | Voice Talent | Marketing Strategist Jess Lohmann: Author | Speaker for the Animals | Voice Talent | Marketing Strategist


Writer, Speaker and Marketer for Nature and the Animals


Hi, my name is Jess.

I envision a world of healthy choices and opportunities for all animals, humans included.

One with no more animal abuse and testing, child labor, sweatshops, dangerous pandemics and harmful pesticides, GMOs and chemicals on the foods, clothes, meds and products we consume.

And a world without poverty, racism, hate and war.

Do I believe in fairy dust? Absolutely.

And I also believe in the power of people and our ability to create change together.


Saving Species

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were created by all 193 United Nation Member States in 2015 to help improve the many global challenges we face today. A 15-year plan was set to achieve all 17 goals. From combating poverty, to illiteracy, climate change and inequality to restoring biodiversity, clean water and sanitation, economic growth, affordable energy, etc.

Many achievements have been made, but the work in local and national governments is very slow and so it is our responsibility as caring individuals to step up and help out.

We, the people, have the resources and knowledge to reach these goals through our businesses, volunteering, giving back, spreading awareness, etc. so that we can create a kinder, healthier and abundant world for all life on Earth.

Read how you’re helping me reach the SDGs on the Ethical Brand Marketing impact page.

Since saving species is at the heart of my mission, I’m passionately committed to reaching these three goals:

  • #13 Climate action
  • #14: Life below water
  • #15: Life on land

Because if we don’t get these three right, we — as a human animal species — will become extinct and then nothing else matters.

Nothing. Else. Matters.

What Else Drives Me

I especially enjoy spending time with my family, eating food from my garden and being one with nature in the forest with my labrador.

I’m a marketing strategist by trade and am currently teaching animal-saving visionary leaders about ethical marketing practices through the company I founded in 2018: Ethical Brand Marketing. As a voice talent, I also use my voice to carry out their message.

Oh, and I’m also an author.

I believe life is too short, so we should be doing what we love.
And I love writing.

What sparked my desire to become an author? Really, it’s a 3-fold answer.


They raised me to respect Mother Nature and all her children.

After they passed in their mid-60s (way too young), I realized I wanted to make more of an impact and inspire others to do the same because right now, we’re destroying all that we need to be able to not only thrive on this planet, but also to survive.

And for me, surviving and thriving on this planet means to protect all ecosystems to maintain a healthy biodiversity.

To be able to do this, we have to move into a different mindset, one of a deep ecological philosophy, meaning, we are not on top of the food chain and do not have the permission to take and destroy for our own benefit.

No, we are just a small part of the circle of life. Humans need our environment and other non-human animals in order to live and breathe on this planet.


My mom passed away on the very same day I arrived in South Africa which began the most transformative trip of my life.

She didn’t want a funeral and told me to stay in South Africa if anything were to happen which allowed the beauty and magic of raw nature start the healing process.

On the plane back home, I wrote a blog post about being in Africa while grieving and published it in The Huff Post.


Then I read a book about creativity — Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (affiliate link) — and felt inspired to write about grieving in Africa.

After several months of sitting with this idea and spending time with my terminally-ill dad, I felt even more connected with nature.

He passed a year after my mom and then it became very clear to me why I was on this beautiful Earth. I realized then that I had to share a different message in this world.

Since mindset shifting and change is difficult for humans, I decided to share the message that my parents taught me early on to the younger generation: Respect all animals.

Why the younger generation?

I want to show older children that they have the power and influence to change the world.

Children have a strong voice, ask critical questions and make us think!

Which led me to …

… writing an eco-fantasy series for preteens.

Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest was published as an ebook in April 24: World Day for Laboratory Animals.

It’s the first of an eco fantasy and magical realism series in which each book addresses a different animal rights issue, this first one being animal testing. Hence, the publishing date!

And when you read it, you’ll get to meet the amazing Lily Bowers.

But first, let’s get to know my own daughter, Leandra.

Leandra is a very observant and intuitive child.

And so, I created Lily Bowers in her image.

As a baby, Leandra enjoyed just watching her surroundings and has always easily felt the emotions of others.

In the business world, being sensitive or an empath is often seen as a deficit or weak — but in reality, it’s what makes us caring, loving and human. It’s the light we need in this dark, dark world.

More caring, mindfulness, and love.

And more compassionate leaders running over governments and corporations.

We need more humans like Lily Bowers.

Leandra on our Mother's Day getaway weekend in Marburg in 2018
Lily Bowers Portrait

“When we respect Mother Nature and all her children, we’re at peace with ourselves.
When we’re at peace with ourselves, we’re at peace with others.
When we’re at peace with others, we will have world peace.”

Shortlisted for LUSH Prize 2022

Shortlisted for the LUSH Prize 2022!


With incredible excitement and pleasure, I announce that my children's book, Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest, addressing the topic of animal testing has been shortlisted for the LUSH Prize 2022.


Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for your support!