Jess Lohmann: Author | Speaker for the Animals | Voice Talent | Marketing Strategist Jess Lohmann: Author | Speaker for the Animals | Voice Talent | Marketing Strategist


Author | Speaker For the Animals | Voice Talent | Marketing Strategist


Hi, my name is Jess.

I enjoy traveling to foreign lands, spending time with my family, eating food from my garden and being one with nature in the forest with my labrador.

I’m a marketing strategist by trade and am currently teaching other marketers and business owners about Ethical Marketing practices. I also use my voice to carry out your message.

Oh, and I’m also writing a book.

I believe life is too short, so we should be doing what we love. And I love writing.

What sparked my desire to become an author? Really, it’s a 3 fold answer.



They raised me to respect nature and animals.

After they passed, I realized I wanted to make more of an impact and inspire others to respect mother nature.



My mom died on the same day I arrived in South Africa to begin THE most transformative trip of my life.

She didn’t want a funeral, and so I stayed in South Africa and allowed the beauty and magic of the country to help me heal.

On the plane back home, I wrote a blog post about being in Africa while grieving and published it in The Huff Post.



Then I read a book about creativity – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – and felt inspired to write about my grief in Africa.

After several months of sitting with this idea, I felt even more connected with nature and realized I wanted to write something different.

My dad died shortly thereafter, and around the same time, I figured out my life’s purpose:

Inspiring Children to Respect Nature and Animals Through Storytelling.


Which lead me to …

… where I am today – Writing a fantasy middle-grade book series.

My first book is due to come out in Spring of 2019 and I’d like you to get to know the main character a little better. Her name is Lily Bowers.

But first, let’s get to know my own daughter.

My daughter, Leandra, is a very observant child. And intuitive.

I’m creating Lily Bowers in her image.

As a baby, Leandra enjoyed just watching her surroundings and has always easily felt the emotions of others. In the business world, being sensitive as a human characteristic is often seen as a deficit – but in the grand scheme of things, it’s what makes us caring, loving and human.

We need more sensitivity and observation in this world. More caring, mindfulness, and love.

We need more Lily Bowers.

Leandra on our Mother's Day getaway weekend in Marburg in 2018
Lily Bowers and ...

Having Faith in Humanity

I believe that if every human were to respect Mother Nature and all she takes care of, we would have world peace.

Because when we’re one with nature, we’re at peace with ourselves.

And when we’re at peace with ourselves, we’re at peace with others.

And as soon as we’re at peace with others, we have world peace.

Do I believe in fairy dust? ABSOLUTELY!

But, I also believe in the power of people and the changes we can create together!


Excerpt from Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest


“Nice to meet you, Alo, I’m Lily.”

“I know.” Alo bowed before her while lowering his head and bending the right paw underneath his chest.

“Really? How?” Lily sat on her bed.

“I have known you since you were a young child. I often watched you play in your backyard.”

“I would’ve known that,” Lily protested.

“One day, when you were carefully freeing a butterfly from a spider web, you spotted me.”

“Hhhhmmm, I don’t remember that at all!”

“You were very young and had just moved here. We stared at each other for quite a while, but as soon as you ran to get your father to tell him I was there, I scurried away. It was not time to meet you yet, and it certainly was not time to meet your father. But now, you are ten and old enough to understand.”

“Understand what?” Lily leaned in, listening intently.

Alo paused. He continued in a low, quiet voice, “How to heal her.”

“Who? I don’t understand. Is someone sick?” Lily’s mind was racing. “Why are you here anyway? How did you know I love and care for animals?” She asked without giving Alo time to answer. “Tell me, please, what is going on?”

“You will find out everything soon enough. Now, get some sleep. It is almost daylight, and you have a big day today.”

Before Lily could ask how he knew about today, Alo turned around, went outside, jumped off her balcony, and ran across the backyard.

Poking her head outside the door, she watched as he ducked through the hole in the bushes and disappeared into the dark woods.

Lily rubbed her eyes to make sure she didn’t imagine the entire encounter. A cool breeze swept into her room, and she closed the door.

Crawling back into bed was easy. Falling back asleep was impossible.

What did Alo mean, “heal her”?

Lily struggled to calm down. As her thoughts finally faded, her head deeply sank into her pillow until she was finally asleep.


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