Animal Guide Reading Animal Guide Reading

Animal Guide Reading

Book a personal animal reading to receive guidance,

find your strengths and learn about your challenges so that you can
move forward and gain more clarity on various aspects of your life.

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Your Personal Animal Guide Reading

Schedule an appointment below for a one-hour animal guide reading for 75 EUR.

Your animal guides help you when you seek inspiration and support and also when you need answers in certain areas in your life, such as love, career and relationships. They also appear when they want to share an important message with you.

They are there for you temporarily to help you at this moment. Once their message has been received and you not longer ‘need’ their help, they move on, but you can always call upon them when you feel you need them again.

After scheduling a fitting time below, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions so that I can set your intention and call upon three animal guides before we meet. For this, I will use my card deck from Kelly Eckert. Doing this initial work before we meet will give us time to fully concentrate on their messages during our call.

As a bonus, you’ll receive a .pdf highlighting the messages from your three guides.

The more specific you are in answering those questions, the more clarity you’ll get for any particular circumstance.

I’m looking forward to meeting you
and your animal guides!