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Animal Spirit Guides

Animal spirit guides can help you in so many ways.

In your career, relationships, celebrations and struggles. 
Their gifts — and challenges — can answer your questions and help you move forward.

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What is an Animal Spirit Guide?

All animals have a soul and exist in the physical and spirit world. Animal spirit guides come into your life temporarily when you need them and for as long as you need them.

They can guide you on a particular project at work or throughout the whole day or just help you gain clarity on a decision you’ve been trying to make. You can call upon animal spirits just you would with your archangels, angels, spirits or guides.

Animal spirits represent the angels of the animal world. They are teachers and messengers of Mother Earth who are here to support, protect, educate, inspire and guide you at any particular time, wherever you are and for whatever reason. They are always there for you.

With their medicine and many gifts as well as challenges, they help you become aware of your own spiritual consciousness and intuition.

Repeating or Abnormal Animal Encounters

Ever see an animal behave in an ‘odd’ way during a walk in the woods? Or do you keep seeing a particular animal, either crossing your path, in your dreams or in a photo, as a figurine, on the internet, etc. If so, the spirit guide of that animal has a message for you.

When this happens — and believe me, it does — it’s important to think about your feelings, either right before that encounter or generally speaking. What or who are you thinking about? Were you asking any questions? Are you worrying about anything or have any other emotions?


Are my Pets Animal Spirit Guides?

Yes and no. The animal spirit guides I’m writing about here are not your pets. Your conversations and relationship with your beloved family members are different because they have been tamed by humans.

Your animal spirit guides are wild, untamed and unbroken and ready to help you during a particular time in your life. They can be dogs, cats, bunnies and horses, wild and free, and once you work with them, you will notice a difference in the messages they send you as opposed to those you receive from your pets. They will never ask you to feed them or take them for a walk.

Upon learning to communicate with animals, I have received messages from pets I’ve never met  to reassure the owners that they need not worry or remain calm in certain situations.

This kind of message could have also come from your animal spirit guide. So, there is a fine line, but in my readings, I’ll be receiving messages from your wild and untamed animals in the spiritual world, not from your pets in the physical world.

Call upon your animal spirit guides and listen to their message.


What are Totem Animals?

    Wolf Animal Spirit Guide

    In Shamanism, totem animals are gifted to you at birth. Shamanism is a spiritual healing connection with nature and all life on Earth and is practiced by many ancient cultures, not only in North America, but also in South America, Siberia and the Celtic regions.

    Totem animals represent aspects of your personality and guide you throughout different aspects of your life’s journey. You can — and usually do — have more than one totem and one totem may guide you through a rough patch in your life with his healing gifts and another totem may motivate and cheer you along a creative time in your life.

    Your totem animals are with you for life whereas animal spirit guides only help you temporarily when you need them.

    If you book a reading, we will discover your animal spirit guides, not your totem animal/s.

    If you’re interested in finding out who your totem animal is, here are a few suggestions:

    • Take a Shamanic trip with the intention of asking your totem animal to come forward
    • Meditate with the same intention
    • Become aware of which animals you are highly attracted to as opposed to other animals. Who ‘feels’ like you? Who was your favorite animal as a child? Who fascinated and perhaps even scared you?
    •  Which animal/s do you repeatedly see, either in physical form, in dreams, on TV or in photos, in books, etc.

    Jessica is very passionate about everything that has to do with animals. So I was not surprised she offered Animal Spirit Guide readings. I was curious what this could mean for me, and being interested in animal guides myself, i did not hesitate to book a reading. Jessica is a professional and experienced, which showed in the depth and informed way she delivered my guidance. All questions were answered, there was room for a breakthrough and I felt inspired, moved and understood. Cherry on the cake: A beautiful summary of the animals that showed up as my guides and their messages. It means a lot to me. I can highly recommend this reading offered by Jessica. Step into it with an open heart and you will recieve so much!

    Natascha Dietz

    Vedic Wellness Guide / founder of A meaningful Life

    Learn from your Animal Spirit Guides

    Every animal spirit guide shares his gifts — and challenges — with you. They are usually characteristics of that particular animal.

    For instance, Elk shares the gift of personal empowerment, stamina and a strong connection with the same sex as well as the challenge of getting stuck or bored with a group that is too ‘like-minded’.

    As the King of the Forest, majestic Elk is a proud leader who will give you the courage to see something through, so if you are facing a particular challenge, call upon the Elk to remind you of your strength and defeat any feelings of insecurity.

    And if you ask for your animal spirit guide to help you and Spider constantly shows up, in your dreams, in the corners of your walls, in photos and books, do not fear, she is there to help you. Spider asks you to tap into your creativity and weave your own web of infinite possibilities.

    Listen to and learn from their messages to help break away from any blocks or fears you may have.

    Book a Personal Animal Spirit Guide Reading

    To personally meet your animal spirit guides and learn from their valuable lessons, schedule an appointment below for a one-hour reading for 75 EUR.

    After scheduling a fitting time, I’ll ask you to answer a few questions as best you can so that I can call upon three animal spirit guides and set your intention before our call. This will give us time to fully concentrate on their messages to you.

    Animal spirit guides do not give you a straight out yes or no answer. They don’t communicate that way.

    Instead, they give you guidance and show you your strengths and challenges so that you can either gain clarity on a certain path and receive possibly warnings to look out for.

    They help you make the best decision you can make and sometimes, that may just be a confirmation of your already made decision so that you don’t have to move along in fear or uncertainty anymore.

    The more specific you are in answering those questions, the more clarity you’ll get for any particular circumstance. This is not, however, a requirement.

    If you don’t have any intentions, are unsure what to write or are just curious and want to meet your animal spirit guides, just write what you’re feeling at the moment.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you
    and your animal spirit guides!

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    Lily Bowers and Alo howling

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    Leopard: Animal Spirit Guide


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