Animal Hero Story Submission Form - Animal Hero Story Submission Form -
Jess Lohmann: Author | Speaker for the Animals

Thank you for being an Animal Hero!

Thank you for sharing your animal hero story with me and the world!

In 2018, I started a yearly tradition to honor humans who’ve gone out of their way to help save, rescue and/or protect animals in whatever form possible. Read my articles about past animal heroes.

These are everyday heroes with a huge heart and powerful determination and if that’s you, I’d love to honor you!

I’m only looking for stories that happened this year, so if you don’t have a story from this year, please do not fill out this form just yet, but wait until you have a current story and then come back and fill it out!

I collect all entries and write the articles in December, so you don’t need to wait until December to submit your story.

The deadline for submission is December 20th each year. I will publish the article at the end of December, or possibly in January if things get a bit too hectic.

Depending on the number of submissions, I may or may not be able to publish your story. I also may not be able to publish everything you write below, but I’ll do what I can, I promise!

Thank you again and have a wonderful day,

If none of these categories describe you, please suggest a category below and I'll see what I can do to work it into the article.
Big bonus point if you use 2 words with the same letters as in the examples above! ūüôā
Lily Bowers and Alo howling

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