Bear and Ouroboros: Your Animal Guides at the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26, 2021

Apr 25, 2021

Bear as your Animal Spirit Guide

Photo by Daniel Diesenreither on Unsplash

Meet Bear and Ouroboros:
Your Animal Guides

At this Full Moon in Scorpio

Bear and Ouroboros showed up to help you during this full moon in Scorpio which is a good thing because this one’s going to be intense!

This full moon opposes Uranus and is in the sign of Scorpio which brings fiery energy, rebellion, unexpected events, sudden changes and impulsiveness. Not only that, two highly personal planets, Mercury, and Venus, as well as the Sun and the Moon, are all square Saturn (at 90% in alignment).

This full moon in Scorpio is a supermoon, meaning, it’s closer to the Earth than normal at the same time it’s full. That’s even more energy causing a stronger pull and more influence on all of us.

With these planetary alignments during this full moon, you may be feeling an energy pull in one direction and are being asked by external forces to make life-changing decisions. The key here is to look within to find the answers as well as know your worth. You may be challenged to speak up for what you think is right. Effective communication plays a huge factor during this time.

With this intense energy, there may be a lot of movement and so take a look at how Bear and Ouroboos can guide you during this particular moon phase.

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Looking back: Zebra, Seagull and Gorilla were your animal guides during the new moon in Aries on April 11, 2021.

Bear and Ouroboros as your Animal Guides

I never ‘pull’ cards because animal guides have shown me that they want to make their own decision and will step forward to help when they feel called upon to. Unlike in the real world where they normally have no say in the matter.

Animal guides will always show up to help you when you call upon them, but for this general reading, I asked who wanted to help us as a collective during this full moon and Bear flew out of the deck and then I asked if there was anyone else and that’s when Ouroboros flipped over.

Bear as your Animal Spirit Guide

Photo by Becca on Unsplash

Ouroboros as your animal spirit guide

Original illustration by 13smok on Pixabay

Bear as your Animal Guide

Bear as your Animal Spirit Guide

Card deck used: What’s your Spirit Animal? by Kelly Eckert. Illustration: Animal Spirit Design. Painting background: ‘Unless’, Jess Lohmann.

Bears are amazing animals. When we think of the Bear, we usually think of a grizzly, black or brown bear, not necessarily the Giant Panda or the Polar Bear because those species are special in their own right.

However, scientifically speaking, there are eight species of the Bear and the Giant Panda and the Polar Bear belong to this big family. The Koala Bear, however, does not belong to the Bear family because a Koala is a marsupial, not a mammal. 

Oddly enough, the closest relative to bears are seals! Bears descended from Miacids, mammals that lived with dinosaurs 27 million years ago.

Not all bears hibernate, only American and Asian Black Bears, some Brown Bears and pregnant Polar Bears.

Bears are feared, respected and/or spiritually honored in all cultures in this world. As one of the most recognized symbols of introspection, intuition and instinct in the shamanic realm, the spirit of Bear is used to restore harmony and balance.

Species: Eight

Indigenous to: Europe, North & South America, Asia, Japan, Northwest Africa, Arctic

Habitat: Depends on the species. Polar bears need cold and snow while Giant Panda bears need to live where bamboo grows. Black bears need extensive wooded areas, lowlands and wetlands while grizzly bears need the prairie, foothills, grasslands or thick rainforests.

Thick coat: Bears have two layers of fur: a short layer to keep them warm and a long layer on top to keep them dry.

Swimming skill: Bears can swim up to 100 miles without a break. 

Conservation Efforts

Of eight bear species, six are listed as vulnerable or endangered on the IUCN Red List.

Many bears are victims of horrific wildlife crimes such as having to live on bear bile farms where their bile, a liquid stored in their gallbladders, is continuously extracted for false medical healing purposes. They are used to entertain us, are imprisoned in small spaces or hunted to be displayed as trophies while their habitats in the wild are being depleted due to deforestation and climate change. The mascot for climate action is the Polar Bear!

There are many different kinds of conservation projects to help save the bears, from educating the public to tracking efforts, restoring native habitats to exposing bear bile farms in Asia, etc. If you would like to help save the bears, please search for an organization who works locally and has a track record of good work. Get to know the organization before investing money or time in volunteering. 

Bear Animal Spirit Guide

Photo by Francesco De Tommaso on Unsplash

 What we can learn from Bear

For spiritual purposes, these lessons from Bear below come from the Grizzly, Black and Brown Bears. As I mentioned earlier, Polar Bear and Giant Panda are special in their own right and because of this, they offer different lessons and messages for us.

So, what can Bear teach us?

  • Nature’s Manager: Balance between gentleness and ferocity. Bear plays a major role in keeping nature in balance. They spread seeds, keep pests under control and maintain order in nature’s daily life. They do this with the right mix of nurturing care and ferocity. For the most part, bears are gentle, especially with their young, however, when threatened, they will turn into a beast in a heartbeat. Many animals carry this protective trait, but it’s ferocious Bear energy that truly paints this picture. For the most part, use your gentle side, but bring on Mama Bear energy when truly needed.
  • Personal transformation. Hibernation is a symbol for rebirth, spiritual re-alignment and emerging in the spring as changed and balanced. Coming out of hibernation is a somewhat clumsy process with fogginess, weakness and obstacles. At first. Bear’s message tells you the beginning of your spiritual journey will be tough, but each step will get better and it’s worth the struggle. When your time arrives, like spring does for Bear, you have no choice but to embrace it and begin your journey. If, however, you miss this chance and stay in hibernation forever, you will not grow. Your action will turn into numbness.
  • Take a break and only do what’s necessary. Listen to Baloo in Jungle Book right before he sings ‘Bare Necessities’: “Lemme tell you some’m, Li’l Britches: if you act like that bee acts, uh-uh. You’re working too hard. And don’t spend your time just looking around…. for something you want that can’t be found.” Bear is telling you to only spend time on what’s important and don’t overwork yourself. Of course, what Baloo didn’t say is that bees are very important and their work is needed for all of us to survive, so if your work is helpful and needed, work smart, not hard.
  • Introspection. Look within yourself for answers. Bear always knows to trust her intuition and instinct because both are important. Bear is a solitude animal, except when raising young and that’s what helps her strengthen her intuition. Spend time with yourself in your own personal bear cave to find the answers you are looking for.
  • Do your thing. Bear is Bear and doesn’t listen to anyone telling him what to do. Just be you.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How can I make it a habit to spend time with myself?
  • What is my intuition telling me?
  • How can I relax more?
  • What skill do I need to strengthen to grow?
  • What do I need to lay to rest in order to balance my Self?

Final words from Bear

With this intense full moon energy, Bear just wants you to chill, look inside and find the answers within yourself. You can listen to others, but it’s your own intuition that knows best. You may feel this sudden urge to make a life-changing decision with this supermoon energy. Tune into Bear energy and take the time to really listen to your Self, your intuition before making such a decision.

If, however, you have been preparing for this change and you just need a final push, then this could be the right time to go for it!

Use his spiritual hibernation energy to realign your own energy and bring balance to your body, mind and soul.

Call upon Bear energy to listen to your intuition and find your inner balance.


Ouroboros as your Animal Guide

Ouroboros as your Animal Spirit Guide

Card deck used: What’s your Spirit Animal? by Kelly Eckert. Illustration: Animal Spirit Design. Painting background: ‘Unless’, Jess Lohmann.

Ouroboros is one of the oldest symbols of all time and originated in ancient Egyptian mythology. The first appearance being found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb from 1323 BC.

As a mythical creature, Ouroboros appears as a snake or dragon consuming her own tail. As with other mythical creatures such as Griffin, Unicorn, Phoenix and Dragon, Ouroboros exists in the spirit world just like Lion, Tiger and Bear.

This goes for all mythical creatures, if you believe in their spirit and messages, you have an advantage over others who are sceptical. You know that nothing’s impossible, especially when it comes to your own abilities and strengths, regardless of what anyone else says or believes.

Leopard Animal Spirit Guide Art by JL G from Pixabay

Illustration by Banjo on Commons Wikipedia

What we can learn from Ouroboros

  • Infinity. The head and tail of Ouroboros are connected, just like beginning and end, good and bad. Neither is better or stronger or competing with or overpowering another. The two sides meet and are joined together, both important for existence of the whole. Ouroboros isn’t cutting of her tail because she does not like this part of herself. She is eating it, consuming it, becoming one with it to continue the cycle of life. To continue moving.
  • Regeneration. A symbol of infinity, rebirth and regeneration, she is a master of destruction and creation by continuously devouring herself in order to be reborn from herself. The Greek name, Ouroboros literally means: ‘devouring its own tail’.
  • Endless circle of life. Ouroboros also symbolizes the permanent fusion of sulphur and mercury which creates the Philosopher’s Stone in order to make the elixir of life.
  • Integrating the dualities of existence. Ouroboros is also a symbol of the duality of existence: Yin + Yang, light + shadow, masculine + feminine where, in each case, neither is superior or inferior or good or bad. This is not light consuming dark otherwise dark will consume light because it’s never-ending. You need both light and dark in order to survive. Ouroboros supports you in the unity and healthy integration of your own dualities and teaches you to understand and accept your own light and shadow sides, your masculine and feminine, all dualities that lie within you.
  • Not knowing when it’s time to end, going around in circles and never moving forward. Challenging times with working with Ouroboros spirit is to know when to end. Be aware of this in you and know when to stop, whether it’s with a project, or a relationship, or an idea. Know when something no longer serves you. Not everything circles back around to something positive. Sometimes you just need to end something in order to start something new.

“The ouroboros is a dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposite, i.e. of the shadow. This ‘feed-back’ process is at the same time a symbol of immortality since it is said of the Ouroboros that he slays himself and brings himself to life, fertilizes himself and gives birth to himself. He symbolises the One, who proceeds from the clash of opposites, and he therefore constitutes the secret of the prima materia which unquestionably stems from man’s unconscious”.

~ Carl Jung (Collected Works, Vol. 14 para.513)

Final words from Ouroboros

The perfect guide when fear comes into play because her message is that everything is an endless cycle of life and if you accept this, fear is unnecessary.

As a purifying symbol, call upon Ouroboros to help you prepare for a spiritual journey of release, liberation and the unification of the conscious and unconscious realms.

Call upon Ouroboros energy to understand your shadow side .


Prepare and Learn from this Full Moon in Scorpio

The full moon peaks on Monday April 26, 2021 at 11:33pm EST and Tuesday April 27, 2021 at 5:33am CET and with it comes sudden changing energy.

Use the gifts of Bear and Ouroboros to help you through this intense energy during your spiritual journey so that you can find the answers you need.

Sending you much peace and the sense of powerful inner strength.

Want to learn more?

Do you feel close to Bear or Ouroboros? Please comment below and let’s talk!

Wishing you a lovely full moon experience.

Peace and love,

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