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What Conscious Consumers Want from Ethical Brands

Consumers need your help! They need more transparency in the world of greenwashing. You have this huge opportunity – and responsibility – to educate them about your industry and your production process.

Even Lazy People Want to Shop Consciously

So many people want to shop consciously, but if it means taking the time to do their research on which products to buy, they say ‘Forget about it’ and buy what’s bad for them or the environment just because it’s easier. You can’t fix lazy, but you can make shopping consciously easier for them. Find out how in this blog post.

Greetings from Shanghai – Theater Performance

An on-stage comedy written by Horst Helfrich and performed by the Die Kulisse Studio-Bühne Lünen e.V. in January – March 2015 about the 70th birthday party of a retired ship captain. A celebration which includes a few dysfunctional and yet comical family situations.

Request a Free Voice Sample!

Listeners respond to a trustworthy voice, for example one that promotes a new product or moderates a new documentary series. Are you looking for a new or different voice? Request a free voice sample.

On-Stage Performance of ‘Typical Lunen’

The One and Only Performance of ‘Typical Lunen’ A unique project put together by residents of Lunen, Germany (so-called Luner) for Luner intended to present the creativity and atmosphere of this beautiful city. But, what IS typical of Lunen? Find out here.

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