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Kind Words About

Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest


I read Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest without even knowing the heroine Lily had special powers, the power to speak with animals. Believe it or not, I was so amazed by that, it made me lose myself deeply into the story, although I'm not so keen on stories with magic... I took my time to read this book, as if I didn't want to finish it. All these beautiful souls, you don't really want to leave them, you want to live with them! I have to beg the author now, to make it into movie, it would be awesome! Perfect book for children aged 11-15.

Madly Chatterjee

I just finished Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest. I am 76 (and still a child at heart) and found this to be the most delightful book. I am so like Lily. I love nature more than people, and the forest is my most favorite place to be. I even miss stepping on bugs just like Lily.

I wish I had had this book when my daughter was growing up. It would have been a favorite right along with Charlotte's Web. I greatly appreciate people like you who are helping us look out for the welfare of the planet, animals and Mother Nature. And, yes, I do believe in fairies.


We need books like Lily Bowers, for people like us, who already care, to remind us to do something, and to show that you are not too young or too old to do something, and to show one thing that some people can do.

We need more books by this wonderful author to show us more things that we can do. Books that will help us learn how to persuade people who don't care about stopping cruelty to animals yet.

Maybe we can all learn more about how to be persuasive, because being right is not always enough if we cannot explain well enough to other people?

Then hopefully we will end testing on animals of products designed for humans.

Read the book because it is a good story. The book will probably convince you that countries should stop testing on animals for products that will be used on humans. It will persuade some of you that you will want to help. And the animals need our help. They cannot speak for themselves so that most people will understand.

Kit Donner

This is a beautiful and inspiring story that I would recommend to everyone, both kids and adults. It reminds us about true values in life, our place in nature, that we are all connected and just as important no matter the species or size. I love that it sends important message that we Can make a difference, even as children!


If you're a household of animal lovers, this is the book for you! My daughter loves to read and she especially loves animals, too. So this book was a win-win for her, especially during this season of homeschooling. She says, "I like how the author writes and I really felt like I was Lily in the story!


I really enjoyed reading Lily Bowers’ adventures with her forest friends and her beautiful quest to educate people about the unnecessary suffering animals face on a daily basis. Lily shows us all that we don’t need to be perfect – we just have to do our best and be brave in our beliefs as that is what inspires others to take up the quest alongside us.

Jo Salter

Although this book was written with the 10-12 year-old age group in mind, it is for anyone over this age who loves and cares about animals. As a 70+ year-old, I really enjoyed it, loving the heroine's ability to converse with animals, and the heartwarming way they were drawn to her as someone who wanted to help them and respected them as fellow creatures. It is easily readable, has no bad language and I would strongly recommend it, particularly to those whose desire is to protect animals. At the end of the book the author gives helpful advice, ideas and links for those who want to aid the fight against the cruel abuse of animals and are against the use of animals in laboratory testing, not only in the cosmetics industry but also in the pharmaceutical industry.


Lily Bowers is the girl I want to be. Her story of understanding and caring about animals resonates with me, as a foster mom for rescue dogs and cats. Her special power that unlocks the communication between people and animals is awesome.

I also love Mother Nature and what she says about the ants Lily accidentally steps on, because sometimes those things accidentally happen. I want to live in Lily’s world, where any harm to people or animals is accidental and not on purpose or because of some antiquated notion of superiority. I feel that I am equal to the five kittens I am currently fostering and the doves in my crepe myrtle trees..

This is the first book I have ever read where I felt understood about that. Thank you, Jess, for writing this love letter to animals.

Dr. Cindy Childress

A truly inspirational read whether child or adult, one is never too old to learn the value of life for plants, animals as well as human animals. Respect for all those living on the planet earth. The characters in this story are vibrant and caring, the story informative and articulate so acquire a copy and start enjoying "Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest" so you yourself can enjoy reading it as much as I have. 😊


I’m so proud of Jess! Her book was one of my first projects and it’s finally out in the world spreading its Magic into thousands of lives!

Even though Lily’s story is written for children and teenagers, Jess Lohmann did a fantastic job at weaving in really interesting facts and information. I for one LOVED this book, and cried from Joy when I got to the end!

Jessica couldn’t have chosen a better day than the World Day for Laboratory Animals to launch it! If you haven’t downloaded your free digital copy yet, go get it right now!

Annick Ina

I enjoyed reading the Lily Bowers mobi book - it was nice well written and very pleasant to read. It was nice she was conscious about animal rights and testing. Keep up the good work.

John Utterback


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