Marketing Services: Voice Recordings and Conscious Marketing Strategies Marketing Services: Voice Recordings and Conscious Marketing Strategies

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Voice Recordings (EN/DE with accent) | Conscious Marketing Strategy

Marketing has changed tremendously since I got my marketing degree in 1991. Yes, I’m THAT old, but I sure don’t feel old! Technology and society have revolutionized the way we live our lives and the way we view products or identify with a particular brand. We buy through emotions. That’s not new, what has changed for marketers is that now, we have more access to find out what customers really want. We can now hear their voice and authentically communicate with our target audience. This is an amazing development!

When I moved to Germany in 1995, I realize how important communication was! I was a different person when I moved because I couldn’t speak German. I was shy and that was a weird feeling, so I made sure to learn the language right away and took a course 6 hours a day for 8 months! Ugh, the migraines during that time!

After I was able to communicate in German, I started working but while marketing for a German advertising agency and 2 German software development companies, I realized my passion is helping companies speak to their international audience.

My expertise lies in communication which was based on my OWN language, English. My voice and writing skills are the tools I use to bring my client’s messages to their audience. For that, they are thankful which makes me grateful.

I offer the following quality enhancements to your marketing campaigns and media projects:

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