Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest

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Eco Fantasy | Magical Realism | Deep Ecology

Ten-year-old Lily Bowers discovers that she has an extraordinary gift – she can talk to animals.

So when Mother Nature herself is threatened by animal cruelty, only Lily can save her.

To do this, she must mobilize all her new animal friends in her beloved forest. The same forest where the Brothers Grimm once traveled.

But first, there’s a horrible bully at her new school to deal with.

And Lily knows she’ll need to call on all her courage to convince the rest of the world that nature must come first.

Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest is the first of a must-read middle grade eco fantasy series that shows kids they really do have the power and influence to make a difference and change the world. And save animals.

In the back of the book, there are 15 easy actionable steps that will help you and your kids become a much needed voice for animals.

The digital version is currently FREE!

Mother Nature

Kind Thoughts from Readers:


I read Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest without even knowing the heroine Lily had special powers, the power to speak with animals. Believe it or not, I was so amazed by that, it made me lose myself deeply into the story, although I'm not so keen on stories with magic... I took my time to read this book, as if I didn't want to finish it. All these beautiful souls, you don't really want to leave them, you want to live with them! I have to beg the author now, to make it into movie, it would be awesome! Perfect book for children aged 11-15.

Madly Chatterjee, Kobo.

A favorite right along with Charlotte's Web

I just finished Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest. I am 76 (and still a child at heart) and found this to be the most delightful book. I am so like Lily. I love nature more than people, and the forest is my most favorite place to be. I even miss stepping on bugs just like Lily.

I wish I had had this book when my daughter was growing up. It would have been a favorite right along with Charlotte's Web. I greatly appreciate people like you who are helping us look out for the welfare of the planet, animals and Mother Nature. And, yes, I do believe in fairies.


We need books like Lily Bowers

We need books like Lily Bowers, for people like us, who already care, to remind us to do something, and to show that you are not too young or too old to do something, and to show one thing that some people can do.

We need more books by this wonderful author to show us more things that we can do. Books that will help us learn how to persuade people who don't care about stopping cruelty to animals yet.

Maybe we can all learn more about how to be persuasive, because being right is not always enough if we cannot explain well enough to other people?

Then hopefully we will end testing on animals of products designed for humans.

Read the book because it is a good story. The book will probably convince you that countries should stop testing on animals for products that will be used on humans. It will persuade some of you that you will want to help. And the animals need our help. They cannot speak for themselves so that most people will understand.

Kit Donner

Beautiful and Inspiring Story

This is a beautiful and inspiring story that I would recommend to everyone, both kids and adults.

It reminds us about true values in life, our place in nature, that we are all connected and just as important no matter the species or size. I love that it sends important message that we Can make a difference, even as children!

Ana, Angus and Robertson.

Beautiful Quest

I really enjoyed reading Lily Bowers’ adventures with her forest friends and her beautiful quest to educate people about the unnecessary suffering animals face on a daily basis. Lily shows us all that we don’t need to be perfect – we just have to do our best and be brave in our beliefs as that is what inspires others to take up the quest alongside us.

Jo Salter

Feeling Understood

Lily Bowers is the girl I want to be. Her story of understanding and caring about animals resonates with me, as a foster mom for rescue dogs and cats. Her special power that unlocks the communication between people and animals is awesome.

I also love Mother Nature and what she says about the ants Lily accidentally steps on, because sometimes those things accidentally happen. I want to live in Lily’s world, where any harm to people or animals is accidental and not on purpose or because of some antiquated notion of superiority. I feel that I am equal to the five kittens I am currently fostering and the doves in my crepe myrtle trees.

This is the first book I have ever read where I felt understood about that. Thank you, Jess, for writing this love letter to animals.

Dr. Cindy Childress

LOVED this book

I’m so proud of Jess! Her book was one of my first projects and it’s finally out in the world spreading its Magic into thousands of lives!

Even though Lily’s story is written for children and teenagers, Jess Lohmann did a fantastic job at weaving in really interesting facts and information. I for one LOVED this book, and cried from Joy when I got to the end!

Jessica couldn’t have chosen a better day than the World Day for Laboratory Animals to launch it! If you haven’t downloaded your free digital copy yet, go get it right now!

Annick Ina

Real respect for Nature

Interesting book with real respect for Nature!!!

Mary Morrison Butler

Well written and very pleasant to read

I enjoyed reading the Lily Bowers mobi book - it was nice well written and very pleasant to read. It was nice she was conscious about animal rights and testing. Keep up the good work.

John Utterback

4 Life Lessons Learned from Lily Bowers

1. Children Have an Incredibly Strong Voice.

Ever stop to think about something a child has said to you? Children make you think!

No matter how old they are, they have a powerful voice and are the ones who will create change and make this world a better place.

Lily struggles to find her own voice. She also believes she’s too young to make a difference in this world, but ultimately realizes what a myth that was.

Lily inspires others to find their inner strengths.


2. Respect Mother Nature and all She Takes Care of.

Humans are not above animals or nature. There is no hierarchy in nature. And animals are not material objects we own. They are living beings who have feelings and a soul, just like us.

We are all created equal and every animal – human included – deserves love and respect.

Lily truly believes we can achieve world peace if we respect Mother Nature and all she takes care of.

Because as soon as we do that, we are at peace with ourselves. And when we are at peace with ourselves, we are at peace with others.

Lily lives with respect and love in her heart for all things nature.


3. Believe in Yourself and the Power of Friendship and Connection.

Lily learns that she can’t make a difference alone. She has many friends to help her along the way; old and new, two-legged, four or more.

Her friendships and connections are strengthened by working together on a similar goal to achieve what seems to be the impossible.

Lily learns how to ask for help and embrace gratitude.


4. Transforming Challenges into Something Inspiring.

Lily is a ‘normal’ young girl who lives a ‘normal’ life. She goes to a ‘normal’ school and has ‘normal’ preteen challenges. Although she finds these challenges difficult, she learns to deal with them in the most compassionate way and by doing that, strengthens her friendships even more!

Lily leads with her heart.

Sababurg in Reinhardswald (Hofgeismar, Germany): Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Sababurg aka Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, located in Reinhardswald, a forest along the German Fairy Tale Route where Lily lives and the Brothers Grimm once traveled.


About the Author

Hi, I’m Jess Lohmann, born and raised to love and respect all animals and nature.

The forest was my backyard growing up on Long Island, New York and my family and I often went camping to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and spend quality time together.

We also adopted dogs and cats and rescued, cared for and reintroduced wildlife back to their homes.

Read more about my story here.

Meet Mother Nature

Mother Nature

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