LUSH Prize Shortlist 2022 - LUSH Prize Shortlist 2022 -

LUSH Prize Shortlist 2022

Jul 25, 2022

LUSH Prize Shortlist 2022

Blown Away Over the Moon

I have huge news! Are you ready?

I was shortlisted for the LUSH Prize 2022 in the category of ‘Public Awareness’ for my children’s book addressing the topic of animal testing: Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest which is currently available in English, German and Polish with hopefully more languages to come in the future.

A special thank you goes out to We Make Change and all the talented people who applied to help me with my project because they believe that all animals deserve respect and know that it makes absolutely no sense to perform hideous and useless experiments on sentient living beings when we can easily, more affordably and with less risk use human cells, mini organs and computer technology.

There’s a reason why there are so many side effects when cosmetics and medications are consumed! It’s because humans are not beagles, bunnies, cats, monkeys, pigs, mice, rats, guinea pigs, fish, etc.

Read more on the truth about animal testing.

Testing on animals makes no sense!

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Spreading Awareness

In the category of ‘Public Awareness’, my book is listed with six other projects.

If you’ve heard anything about animal testing in the cosmetic industry last year, you probably saw Save Ralph, a production from Humane Society International featuring the voices of Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron, Olivia Munn, Pom Klementieff, Tricia Helfer and more.

A genius stop-motion animation short film that I also featured in my Animal Heroes of 2021 article.

LUSH Prize Shortlist 2022 -- Bunny Award

The other five projects in the ‘Public Awareness’ category are:

  • Phoenix Zones Initiative: Transforming Medical Research
  • Carlota Saorsa: Investigation at Vivotecnia laboratory
  • Beagle Rescue Network: Stopped animal testing on service dogs
  • Dr Costanza Rovida and Jean Knight: A systematic review on the conflicts between REACH and the EU Cosmetic Regulation: from awareness to action
  • Animal Testing: Investigating about households products experiments

As a member, I’m extremely happy to see that my supporting friends at Doctor’s Against Animal Testing (Ärzte gegen Tierversuche e.V.) were also shortlisted in the category of Training for their NAT-Database.

Congratulations to all nominees and thank you for caring and sharing!

I understand that your time is limited, Dr. Schwarz. But, if you completely stop animal testing in your lab, you’ll set an example for others.

~ Ten-year-old Lily tries to convince a laboratory director to stop testing on animals in Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest

What is the LUSH Prize?

The LUSH Prize is organized and funded by LUSH Cosmetics and Ethical Consumer Research Association.

With LUSH’s passion and resources and Ethical Consumer’s research and campaigning skills, the LUSH Prize was founded in 2012 and will continue until animal testing has been completely banned worldwide.

It’s “the largest prize in the non-animal testing sector rewarding the most effective projects and individuals who have been working towards the goal of replacing animals in product or ingredient safety testing across six strategic areas:

A total of 65 organisations and individuals from 26 countries were shortlisted for our work toward creating a world that does not involve cruel animal experimentations.

We are researchers, animal rights activists, lobbyists, politicians, investigators, scientists, doctors, educators, creatives (filmmakers, photographers, writers) and it feels wonderful to be on the same page.

While being shortlisted is an incredible honor, I — and everyone else who works in the non-animal testing sector — will continue to dream and work toward creating a world where no such award is necessary!

Read more about the history of the renowned LUSH Prize.

Alone being shortlisted is an honor!

Learn more about the LUSH Prize!

Do you believe there’s a place for animal testing? Please comment below and let’s talk!

Peace and love,
Sharing is Caring

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Jess markets, writes and speaks for nature and the animals as an ethical marketing strategist, author and voice talent. She envisions a world of healthy choices and opportunities for all animals, humans included and through her writing and work with social entrepreneurs, she is helping to create a kinder, healthier and more abundant world for all life on Earth.