Passionate about 'Speaking for the Animals' Passionate about 'Speaking for the Animals'

Passionate about ‘Speaking for the Animals’

Passionate about speaking for the animals

Every child and animal has the right to live a healthy and happy life

I had a recent rude awakening as I watched a documentary film in German about the leather industry in Bangladesh.

In English, I found these two videos:

Stella McCartney Takes On the Leather Trade: Watch

The Skins Trade in India, Narrated by Pamela Anderson: Watch

Leather is no longer an option for me.

I was a Pescetarian from 1992 until 2012 when I completely cut off fish from my diet. I am also the webmaster of my local animal rights protection agency. I do what I can, but I’ve realized I haven’t been doing enough!

So I thought about it. I cannot donate as much time and money as I would like, but what I can do is donate my voice. Today, on my birthday, I decided to give PETA a gift and wrote them a letter offering my voiceover services.

Today, I called 37° from ZDF to find out if they are planning on producing their film in English. At the moment, they do not have plans to produce and air this in other countries, but because so many people have been moved by this report, maybe there will be a chance in the near future. I am crossing my fingers.

Since this German documentary not only speaks about the ghastly animal abuse, but also goes into further detail about the horrible child labor conditions and poisonous tanning chemicals the workers are literally swimming in, I would like everyone to be aware of what buying leather actually means. I also offered my voiceover and translation services to produce this film in English for free and thanked them for making me think and changing my habits. The writers and producers at 37° and PETA opened many eyes, not just mine. RESPECT!

There may be an alternative in the future to leather btw. Please check this out: Andras Forgacs: Leather and meat without killing animals: Watch


Want me to voice your animal rights project?


This post today actually stems from pain and the urge to spread awareness as I have shed many tears watching these films and if I reach just one person today or tomorrow with this post, then I know one small step has been made… But as we all know, many more steps have to be made.

Sending the very best,

Sharing is Caring

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Jess markets, writes and speaks for nature and the animals as an ethical marketing strategist, author and voice talent. She envisions a world of healthy choices and opportunities for all animals, humans included and through her writing and work with social entrepreneurs, she is helping to create a kinder, healthier and more abundant world for all life on Earth.