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Voice Recording: Birth Affirmations

6 min. meditative audio recording

Content Marketing

Social Media Management, Blog Posts, Mailings, Website Text, Advertising



About the Project

I was hired in August 2014 to voice and produce the birth affirmations audio file for MyGentleBorn. The script was sent to me and I voiced the version in English and my German colleague, Jutta Seifert, voiced the German version. I then added relaxing background music and fit it to our vocal recordings. These birth affirmations are currently free to download on the MyGentleBorn website and are meant to relax and inspire pregnant women preparing for natural childbirth.

One thing lead to another and now I offer marketing consultation and manage the social media channels (Twitter, FB, G+, LinkedIn) as well as update the website content in WordPress and design graphic images (events/quotes, etc.) in Photoshop Elements. I’ve also written a few blog posts and all the mailings (MailChimp) as well as some of the text on the website.

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I just really depend on Jessica’s opinion and the longer I work with her and try out other things, I realize how great she is. I so appreciate her thoughts, her opinion. So when she tells me something’s great, then I just trust her. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your dedication!
Voiceovers: Birth Affirmations
Copywriting: Social Media Management, Blog Posts, Mailings, Website

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