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Eco Poem | Weeping Willowed Souls

Mar 23, 2020

Be an Animal Hero

Photo: Yummymoon on Pixabay


Rising above the comforting dark earth, I take my first breath.
A blinding yellow light beams down on me, warming my core.
Open space all around. Loneliness greets me.
This is who I am now, unaware of what I’ll become.

Reaching high above everything that surrounds me, it feels good to stretch.
Above and below. Feeling alive, and connected.

Watching over the restless running in and out of my protection.
Ripping off my sensors. Cutting into my core.
Supporting the quiet ones who stay. Peaceful and kind.

Season after season.

Feeling their joy. And pain. Hearing their laughter. Sensing their desires.
Seeing their soul.
Space of speed and noise. Not lost, programmed.

And then you came.
A beam of light through the dark shadows of desperation.
Lying underneath me, grounded.
Deep blue eyes wide open, staring up at me.
Open old soul, full of love.

I see your world. I want it too.

You come back. Season after season.
Sharing your hopes and dreams.
Receiving my connection with nature with an innocent force.
Breathing in my world. Gifts that only few accept.

I know who I am now. And I know who you are.

All grown, I wrap myself around you and feel your sadness.
Yearning to go home. You do not belong here.
Feeling your sorrow and fear, I show you the warm familiar.

Look into the river below.
You are home now. You are safe. You are protected.

I watch you go, wondering if you believe me.
Beautiful, caring soul, full of love and desire.
Lies only come true when time is ready.
You know better.

Now is not my time. But soon.
As soon as you find your way home.

I know who I am now.

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About Jess Lohmann

Jess markets, writes and speaks for nature and the animals as an ethical marketing strategist, author and voice talent. She envisions a world of healthy choices and opportunities for all animals, humans included and through her writing and work with social entrepreneurs, she is helping to create a kinder, healthier and more abundant world for all life on Earth.